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Pari Bradlee

Pari Bradlee is an instructor at Tranquil Space in .

Since Pari was a little girl, she has always contemplated the meaning of life and where we came from. She lived a very colorful life and in school, many would exclaim "you're out of your mind!" and isn't that the point? To be liberated from the constraints of our noisy, distracting minds?? Between a grandfather who is a medicine man in the mountains of Iran, a grandmother who could translate dreams and was obsessed with numbers, a mom who made astrology her religion, and a dad who grew up watching miracles take place in Sufi temples, she was never at a loss for very interesting answers to life's questions. As a child Pari vascillated between becoming an astronaut or a nun. She loved and continues to love the mystery of the church which is why she was attracted to Tranquil Space in 2002 when housed in a church parlor. She experienced great feeling of joy, freedom and inner knowing from the very first vinyasa practice and began the journey of studying with numerous teachers. She completed Tranquil Space's 200-hour teacher training in 2003. She believes the true teacher is within and has learned the deepest teachings in silence from the intelligence of the universe. Pari's music varies, according to the energy of the day, and the energy of the students before her. She is attracted to the sacred chants, lounge music, and anything with a sitar or tabla. Her intention for each class is to bring each person back to balance, back to the natural state of being: the state of happiness. Her intention is to help everyone find that feeling of completeness, connection and integration that is yoga - to become one. Her classes are always sprinkled with humor, mysticism, creativity and energy. Between teaching the most intriguing and fascinating people in the world, she is continues to study the ancient texts and is currently writing two books. She writes in a journal almost daily, and finds each day to be equal to a life! It must be recorded. She's obsessed with music and calls dancing a spiritual experience so vinyasa to her is a body prayer or a cosmic dance! Pari says, "I see God in the sidewalk. I don't need to travel to India, although to see the Taj Mahal would be nice."


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